Just because you live in a rain forest, doesn’t mean you can’t have a sundeck you’ll love and use year ’round! Vinyl decking provides North Island homeowners an excellent rain-friendly decking solution!

Creating an enjoyable outdoor space is doable even in the wettest of cities! Waterproof vinyl decking can provide you and your family with a beautiful outdoor living space. Want to BBQ something delicious on a rainy night; breathe in the fresh mountain air from your deck; or stay dry while taking in the view? With vinyl decking, you can have all of this via a safe, durable, low-maintenance deck.

Did you know it rains approximately 170 days each year in Nanaimo, with an even higher number of rainy days in pockets of North Vancouver Island?

If you live in an area where nearly one-half of the city’s days include a drizzle or downpour, then you’ll want to consider waterproof vinyl decking. With vinyl decking, you’ll spend more time BBQ-ing with your family, and less time complaining about the wet weather.

Why Vinyl Decking is the Ideal Waterproof Solution for your Nanaimo Home!



Prevent Slips with Waterproof Decking

Wood and composite decking are far more likely to get slippery in the rain. This can become a safety hazard, resulting in slips and falls. Using vinyl with a slip-resistant surface offers a waterproof solution with added safety. Duradek is Citywide’s preferred vinyl distributor. Their vinyl decking has a textured surface for slip resistance – perfect for keeping your family safe on rainy days!

Reduced Risk for Mold and Mildew

Vinyl decking is not only completely waterproof, it’s also resistant to mold and mildew. Wood decking is more likely to absorb moisture which can contribute to mold and mildew. While you can treat wood with a stain or sealant to protect it, this is an ongoing, tedious task. In Nanaimo and North Vancouver Island, most people opt for vinyl decking to avoid the hassle of regular maintenance.

Waterproof Decking = Less Maintenance

With vinyl decking, you’ll spend more time enjoying your deck, and less time maintaining it! That’s because its beautiful waterproof surface is easy to take care of. With vinyl, all you need is a quick cleaning with water and soap a few times a year. Other decking materials need more labour-intensive maintenance. Spend that extra time enjoying your beautiful deck with family and friends!

Prevent Leaks with Professional Installation

While some DIY enthusiasts choose to buy and install their own vinyl membrane, it can be quite challenging. So much so, that few companies sell vinyl direct to consumers. Using a reputable decking contractor to install your deck will give you peace of mind.

Maximize your deck’s lifespan and warranty by having it professionally installed. If you’re set on installing your own vinyl, be sure to choose products that come with a warranty.

Longer Lifespan

If you want your deck or patio to last a long time, waterproof it. Installing vinyl decking is the best way to protect your investment and increase its lifespan. In heavy rainfall climates like Nanaimo the one-time investment of choosing vinyl will help your deck endure well into the next decade. One of the reasons Duradek is our preferred vinyl distributor is the comprehensive and reliable warranty they offer.

Ready To See What Vinyl Decking Can Do For You?

Have a look at one of our Duradek vinyl makeovers completed for a North Vancouver family.

Vinyl decking is the ideal solution for waterproofing your deck. It provides a range of solutions, is easy to care for, and made to last. But not all vinyl is created equally. So if you want a deck that will give your family years of enjoyment, choose a high quality vinyl decking.

Quality vinyl decking + professional decking contractor = a beautiful finished deck.

Citywide is your expert vinyl sundeck contractor in Nanaimo, BC. We build and renovate dream decks for clients living throughout the Chemainus, Parksville and Nanaimo area. 

Enjoy your view of the Strait of Georgia, the Channel Islands, Salish Sea, and/or panoramic views of the city! You’ll use your deck more often, and enjoy more epic views when your deck is fully waterproof.

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