Looking to have the best composite decking installed in your home? Composite decking is a durable, beautiful, and environmentally friendly deck material.

Not all composite decking is created equally, which makes it important to find a brand you can trust. As experienced pros, our favourite composite decking brand is TimberTech.

TimberTech is loved by homeowners and contractors alike. Independent third-party research shows homeowners choose TimberTech 2:1 over the competitor (Trex).

Here’s a rundown on what makes TimberTech the best composite decking:


Looks that ‘wow’

Functionality, safety, and low-maintenance are the well-known benefits of composite decking. What makes TimberTech unique from others on the market is that it looks and feels the most like real wood. Many competitors miss the mark, creating products that look and feel like plastic masquerading as wood. TimberTech gets it right every time. Even their entry-level, most affordable products have a look and feel like real wood.

The unique colour variations within each board emulate the appearance of natural hardwood. And with more than 25 hues to choose from (including options from sister brand, AZEK), there’s something to match every home.

Unparalleled research and development

TimberTech heavily invests in testing and research, which ensures they are industry-leaders in product durability and innovation. They cap their boards on all four sides to resist mold, mildew, moisture damage, and insects. Their sky-high standards mean that every board is straight, with uniform composition. This results in a sundeck that will look incredible for years to come.

An outstanding warranty

TimberTech’s dedication to quality is reflected in their warranty: 30-year Fade & Stain and 25-year Limited Warranties. No other company on the market offers that kind of protection.

Environmentally friendly

TimberTech is manufactured from up to 73% recycled materials. Not only that, they’ve developed a unique water filtration system that dramatically reduces the amount of water used in production by reusing hundreds of gallons each day. Even the packing materials are 100% recyclable.

If you need more evidence that TimberTech is the best choice for your deck, see how it stacks up against competitors and check out the available colours.

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