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Homeowners on the rainy West Coast love the weather resistant benefits that TimberTech Decking offers.

TimberTech Decking protects against mold and moisture damage. It’s ideal for homeowners who want the look of wood, without the high maintenance and costs that can come with it.

In this article we’ll cover why capped composite decking outperforms hardwood decking in quality, colour choices, maintenance, and lifespan. If you’re comparing wood and composite decking alternatives, read on to make an informed choice for your home.

Hardwood Decking – The Good, Bad, and Ugly

There’s no arguing that wood decking has a classic beauty, and even some nostalgic feelings for those who had a wood deck growing up. There is, however, something to consider regarding the amount of maintenance they need.

While hardwood decks initially boast beautiful colours, their beauty can quickly weather away under the sun and harsh rains. Homeowners find themselves having to maintain their decks year after year to keep the colours looking like new. Even with regular maintenance, hardwood decks typically only last 10 to 15 years.

Cracking, rotting, warping, weathering, and fading can all occur with hardwood decking. And in wet climates, you have to deal with mold and mildew too.

Annual sanding, oiling, staining, and sealing are part of the required upkeep. This is timely, costly, and a pain point for a lot of homeowners.

TimberTech has created a decking product that offers the beauty of wood, without the drawbacks of maintaining it. Read on to see why at Citywide we love TimberTech decking as an alternative to wood.

TimberTech Decking – Level Up for a Weather Resistant Home

While its wood counterpart fades in time, capped composite and polymers last the test of time. They come in a variety of natural colours that are just as beautiful a decade in as they are the first day they are installed. TimberTech believes in their product so much so that they offer 30- to 50-year fade warranties.

Capped composite and polymer decking are ideal for wet weather. They repel mold, bugs, and moisture using caps from polymer blends. The strong barrier created in the surface of the deck boards protects against cracking, rotting, and warping. This is a huge plus for homeowners who don’t want to worry about unexpected deck repairs.

The maintenance on this product is a breeze in comparison to wood. With a simple wipe down using an approved soap, you’re done. No sanding, staining, or labouring for hours over your deck.

TimberTech is so confident in their product, they’ve backed them with the best warranty around. You can rest easy with a Limited Lifetime Product Warranty and a 30 to 50 year Fade & Stain Warranty.

Get More from Your Deck

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Hardwood decking loses its appeal to savvy homeowners who are looking for a deck made to last. Get more out of your decking with capped composite and capped polymer decking.

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