Need waterproof decking over living space in your home? 

Deck waterproofing is especially important for any homeowner with a roofdeck over a living space. It’s far more expensive to replace or repair a leaky roof deck (and the interior of a room under a leaky deck) than it is to waterproof your deck properly in the first place.

In this article we’ll cover why it’s important to waterproof your deck; what the best waterproof deck coating is; and how to ensure a successful waterproof deck installation!

Tip Number 1: Choose the best deck waterproofing materials

If you want to ensure your home looks amazing and stays dry, you have to choose the right decking materials. Your dream deck is our business, which is why we offer a variety of deck waterproofing solutions to suit your style and needs.

The most popular types of waterproofing solutions in Nanaimo are vinyl deck membranes, and waterproof liquid deck coatings.

Vinyl Deck Membranes

Vinyl decking is an excellent choice for homeowners. Waterproof vinyl membranes can createa dry, usable space below upper-level decks. They’re also the gold standard in protecting rooftop decks.

We’re proud to install Duradek vinyl, as they offer the best vinyl decking product on the market.

Benefits of Vinyl Membranes:

  • Low maintenance – only requiring a periodic washing with soap and water
  • Versatile and reliable – for waterproof decking over living spaces
  • Long lasting – a highly durable decking material that stands the test of time. Backed by a 10-15 year warranty, it’s the last decking project you’ll do this decade
  • Available in a variety of styles and colours to suit your home
  • Affordable, making it a great option for most homeowners

Because vinyl deck membranes create a watertight seal, they can be used in other home exterior applications. We commonly install vinyl over living spaces, storage areas, and carports.

Vinyl is strong, durable, flexible, and backed by the best warranty around. It’s our most popular choice of decking material – whether being used as a waterproofing solution or not.

Best of all? Vinyl looks great. We install a variety of colours and patterns and offer matching railings and panels to create the perfect deck design for your home.

Waterproof Liquid Deck Coatings

Liquid deck coatings provide a waterproof, slip-resistant membrane. They’rehighly versatile and can be used on any deck surface.

Benefits of liquid deck coating:

  • Made to commercial grade, providing you with a safe and durable product
  • Come in a variety of colours, with flexible design options to suit contemporary homes
  • Ability to add a customized texturing surface, for added slip resistant safety
  • Long lasting – Once cured, it’s incredibly tough. If you need to repair it, you can easily do so by applying another coat.
  • Seamlessly waterproof – this liquid deck membrane creates a continuous barrier to moisture.

Liquid deck membranes use a multi-layer system that seals out moisture. They can be finished with either a smooth or textured surface, depending on your preference.

Liquid coating is a great option for an attractive waterproof deck. It’s often used on sundecks, patios, high-traffic areas, poolside, and on slippery surfaces.

What is the best waterproof deck coating?

Vinyl decking is the most popular waterproof deck coating in Nanaimo. Duradek vinyl is the gold standard when it comes to waterproofing your sundeck, or rooftop deck.

Tip Number 2: Choose the right deck builder

If you’re waterproofing a deck over a living space in your home, it’s vitally important to choose a reliable decking contractor. While many construction companies in the Nanaimo offer decking services, they don’t all have experience with rooftop decks over living spaces.

Your deck is only as good as the deck materials + deck builder combined. When you’re ready to hire someone for your project, use the following tips to find the best deck contractor near you:

  • Read online reviews before hiring. Rather than relying on only one source of reviews (such as Yelp), check out a few sources. Sites like Homestars, Houzz, and Trusted Pros all offer reviews specific to the construction industry.
  • Ask your contractor if they have experience with waterproofing rooftop decks, and which products they carry (for example, not all vinyl decking materials are made equally). Ask your contractor about product warranties.

Tip Number Three: Find out if your decking material is roofing approved

If you need waterproof decking over an inside living space in your house, or carport, you need to make sure the decking material being installed is roofing approved. You would think this is a given when working with any decking contractor, but it’s always good to ask. Some companies will use a lower quality material to save money.

At Citywide, we only install Duradek Vinyl Membranes, as they have a guarantee of waterproof protection. Going with a product with a solid warranty and guarantee is the best way to ensure peace of mind!

Nanaimo Waterproof Deck Installation and Repair

We’re a team of trained professionals with years of experience restoring and building waterproof decks in Nanaimo. We’re proud to offer the highest quality waterproofing materials to give you an amazing looking home that stays dry.

Our goal has always been to provide homeowners with the best choices to create their dream deck, which is why we’re happy to offer more than one deck waterproofing material for your home!

As a locally-owned, fully licensed and insured deck builder company, we offer integrity and quality each step along the way of building your deck.

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